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14 year old Friesian mare

Felle x Fetse

Dam: Setse Boszorg

Evita is a tall beautiful mare out of the fabulous Boszorg line (Mel+Pref*7, Model+Pref*10, Model+Pref*5, Model+Pref*5). We are offering as a riding horse only, not a broodmare. Well trained and easy to handles. Pictures to come; she is currently at a training facility and will be home in 2 weeks.

Daenarys MFR


6.5 year old Friesian mare

Alwin 469 x Doaitsen 420 Sport

Dam: Gonda

Daenarys' foal won 1st premie, champion colt at his California keuring this year! She is bred to the same stallion (Thorben 466 Sport). Daenary's dam is ster, only because the new owners did not take her to a keuring after she was three years old. Danenary herself has some white on one back foot, so was not taken to a keuring. Her movement is exceptional.




14 year old 1st Premie Crown mare!!

Folkert 353 x Sape 381

Elysee is our exceptional CROWN mare. She received a very high 80.5 on her IBOP and was Mare Champion out of ~15 mares at her keuring. She is an extremely talented mare that is safely forward thinking and is always excited to work. She was at 3rd level in dressage but has not trained in dressage for 2 years. She was an extremely successful broodmare, with every one of her offspring who were brought to a keuring as an adult, getting a ster or higher rating. She is very safe on trails (see her videos) and is a wonderful partner.
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